Sri Lanka - Canada Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships for a period of two years. The total financial committment for a single scholarship is $360 Canadian dollars (CAD). This may be paid in two annual donations of $180 CAD or in one donation of $360 CAD.

Or you may make a general donation of any amount. General donations are pooled together to sponsor additional scholarships.

A tax receipt for your donation amount will be emailed to you.

Donate Now using PayPal

Donate online using a credit card. A secure transaction is provided by PayPal. The button below will take you to the PayPal website.

Cheque Donation

The preferred method of making a donation is by completing and mailing us the Sponsor Form along with a cheque of your donation amount. This helps to keep costs down as PayPal charges a fee for credit card donations.

Please select and download one of the following sponsor forms. The fillable form allows you to fill in the information on your computer without printing the form. The non-fillable form must be printed out. Both forms must be either emailed or mailed in. Please see further instructions in the form.

Pre-Authorized Monthly Donation

Make monthly donations that will be automatically deducted from your Canadian bank account. The donation amount for each scholarship is $15.00 CAD per month for two years. Complete and mail us the Pre-Authorized Donation Form along with a void cheque.